Wednesday, February 29, 2012

not-so-favorite parent

Sometimes it's good NOT to be the favorite!

My children love their dad! A lot! I am pretty sure he is their favorite. I don't know if this is because he's not always home or if he's just a lot nicer than me (probably both). I try not to think about why and just enjoy the fringe benefits.

You see, not being the favorite gets me out of work. When they were younger, they would wake up Kevin if they threw up during the night. I could say, "I'd do it but the kids really want you" and then roll over and go back to sleep leaving Kevin to deal with it.

Now, they want him to be the one to drive carpool if he's available. Gee. Golly. Gosh darn. "I really, really wanted to face the awful parking lot traffic and fill my car with noisy kids but they want you, dear." Fake heavy sigh, push Kevin out the door and then pick up my book. Ahhhh....

That is why when Kevin made homemade WHITE bread (I only allow wheat which the children do NOT prefer) this week in a not-so-subtle attempt to curry favor with the kids (?), I just smiled and went along with it. Whatever, dear...enjoy that next 2 am vomit clean-up!

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