Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest projects

The Pinterest projects for this past week:

  • chicken-lime-avocado soup - I liked a lot, Shanley and Chandler thought it was okay, McKayla didn't like, Kevin wasn't home to try it
  • Weight Watchers type Butterfinger pie - Kevin really liked and I thought it was okay
  • burlap wreath - love it!
  • St. Patrick's Day subway art - cute
  • McKayla did newsprint fingernails - cute
  • easy crockpot chicken for burritos - okay
  • cookie dough dip - yum! (though name is a misnomer - s/b choc chip cheesecake dip)
  • crockpot Ranch pork chops and potatoes - yum
  • moldable ice bag - worked great and I've enjoyed using it on my still sore hip

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