Thursday, February 9, 2012

hot and cold

After declaring for weeks that she was NOT going to the Sweetheart's Dance, McKayla came home on Monday and announced she WAS going. Nothing like waiting until last minute!

Sweetheart's is a girls' choice, semi-formal dance. Most of the girls asked weeks ago. But not McKayla - she waits until 5 days before the dance.

So, first things first, she actually has to ask him. So Monday night she buys a half-gallon of ice cream, pokes holes all over it and puts her name in one of the holes. Then delivers the ice cream and a note reading something like, "don't leave me out in the COLD, say you'll go to Sweetheart's with me"

I thought his answer was perfect! He gave her a jar of HOT tamales with one red Mike and Ike mixed in. His answer read, "This jar's full of HEAT but if it contains something sweet then on Saturday we will meet."


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  1. Where do you get these ideas? They are great. Britni is no so sure about dating. She didn't want me to write about her first date on my blog. She was pretty nervous. Don't know when she will or if she will have another date any time soon. Our problem is there is nothing to do for kids in Goldendale. Wish we lived where there was more to do for them. Have a great day and tell McKayla I think she is AWESOME!! She is sure making the most of her High School days!! :) Love you all!!