Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Olympic" dating

Curling...not a "hot" date (but a fun one)!

McKayla went on a date last night with Josh Figgins and they went curling.  Yep, the only-ever-seen-in-the-Olympics sport of curling.  She had a blast but said she sucked!  There was 6 couples and they went to the Olympic oval (site of the 2002 short track speed skating as well as the curling events).  They had a lesson and then divided into 2 teams and competed.  They actually got to use the curling equipment that was used in the Olympics which she thought was really cool.  Her team won.

I wish she'd taken pictures.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"mother memory"

I wonder if women naturally have better memories than men or if it is a learned behavior.  Maybe it is a natural adaptation.

Maybe it's not this way for everyone but I sure have to be the memory for the members of my household.  Who reminds the kids to go to their piano lessons?  Me.  Who knows whether it is an A or a B day at the high school?  Me (and my high schooler).  Who knows if there is a schedule conflict when asked to do something?  Me.  Who cannot seem to remember for the life of him that elementary school gets out early on Friday?  Oh, that would be Kevin.  Nevermind that we have had a child in elementary for 18 1/2 years!

It makes me laugh!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweethearts Dance

Last night was the sweethearts Dance. McKayla and Halie really wanted to invite boys from the Special Ed class so they did and loved every minute of it! McKayla's date was Jesse and Halie's was Keaton. A couple more girls joined their group and asked boys from the same class and one of the girls in the class joined them with her date as well.

Jesse's parents were very nervous about the whole thing and insisted on meeting McKayla before the event. She went to their home about a week and a half ago to get acquainted. She must have won them over because they did allow Jesse to go.

For their daytime activity they went bowling and played laser tag. They had lots of fun (and McKayla was super happy that she won the laser tag). Then they took their dates to In-and-Out Burger for dinner (per the boys' request).

Jesse and McKayla

Keaton and Halie
Then it was home to get dressed up for the dance.

They had a blast at the dance and went for ice cream at Arctic Circle afterwards. McKayla said the boys were so funny and so much fun.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simplot Games

McKayla and I just returnd from Pocatello, ID where she ran the 3200 in the Simplot Games. Simpot is a large (about 3000 athlete) track mee with athletes from Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Georgia, Alberta, and a few from other random states. Athletes are allowed to compete in 1 event (plus a relay). McKayla ran in the prelims on Thursday night and placed 8th overall. The top 4 qualified for the finals. The finals will be run this afternoon. She is skipping them because she already had a date for the Sweethearts Dance tonight before she realized there would be a conflict. I am just proud of her for making the finals!
Here she is right after her race - and still smiling!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

those moments when all is right with the world

We've reached a major milestone around our home - EVERYONE IS TEMPLE-WORTHY AND CURRENT TEMPLE RECOMMEND HOLDERS!!!

That is so exciting and just makes me as happy as could be!

My baby - Chandler - turned 12 last week.  He attended his first Young Men's activity the next night.  Sunday he was ordained a Deacon.  That was another wonderful experience as Alec was able to help ordain him (a first for Alec).  Brakston and my dad were also on hand to help as Kevin ordained him.

This morning Kevin took Chandler to the temple for the first time.  Alec went with them and I was already there since I serve in the temple of Tuesday mornings.  It was so wonderful to see Chandler happy after doing baptisms for the dead and planning to do this a couple times a month.

I am so proud of my children and I sure feel like one lucky mama!

Friday, February 8, 2013

what I've been up to

I have been doing a lot of substitute teaching lately - seminary, band, math, animal science, etc.  A LOT of subbing.  Crazy busy.  One thing I know for certain - teachers should leave tons of stuff for students to do when they are gone.  The only times I run into trouble when subbing is when the teachers don't leave enough to do.  Just this week I had math classes where the students finished the assignment and had about 25 minutes left.  I also had animal science classes where the students finished the assignement and had about 45-50 minutes left.  That is when classes get out of control.  I am dusting off the old brain and planning games/actitvities to keep them occupied when this happens again but I'd sure appreciate it if the teachers left enough work.

I've also been busy making Chex mix recipes - eleven batches of 5 different recipes.  Some were sweet and some savory but all were delivered to the teachers at the high school this morning to let them know how much we appreciate them!

I've been doing the 14 days of Valentine's for my husband and children.  Each child gets a heart on their door every morning telling something Kevin and I love about them.  In addition, there's been a cute treat/note on their pillow every day (i.e. bottle of Crush with "I've got a CRUSH on you".  They have really enjoyed it.  Kevin gets the treats and notes (his are usually just a little better).

Pinterest projects: 
  • cute, cute s'mores for my family, visiting teaching peeps, and my YW
  • birthday balloon door for Chandler
  • 14 days of Valentines
  • pink chocolate chip cookies
  • Valentine candy kabobs for my nieces and nephews

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

knee-jerk reactions

Maybe it's just me but I feel that government has grown too big.  We have laws governing EVERYTHING!  If something bad happens, we pass a new law. If we have an obese nation, we pass laws.  Some laws are good but I am not always convinced that new laws are necessary every time something goes wrong.  In fact, I am not even convinced that some of those laws do anything to make us healthier, safer, or happier.

What brought on this rant you might ask?

I was reading the newspaper on Sunday and came across an article regarding how the airline industry (NTSB, FAA, etc) are dragging their feet on implementing new safety standards.  You see, there was a major airline accident four years ago that killed 46 people so the powers-that-be decided sweeping reforms were needed.

Did you catch that?  FOUR years ago!

While it is tragic that an accident occured and that innocent lives were lost, let's not lose sight of the fact that the airline industry hasn't experienced another loss like that in FOUR years!  I'd say that safety record is pretty dang good considering how many flights take off in our nation every single day.  Do we really need SWEEPING changes?

Yes, I am biased.  My husband is an airline pilot.  These changes could possibly affect him and his ability to provide for us.  Still, he has flown at least 10 flights per week for 12 years and has never had an accident (I wish I could say the same for my driving record).  I don't fear for his safety every time he leaves for work.  I know he is well-trained, experienced, and pretty darn-well regulated.  He must go through check rides every year and have his every move evaluated.  He also goes through training every year (refresher stuff and emergency drills like practicing flying a plane without an engine or that has stalled, or whatever).  He has to follow limits on the number of hours he can flyeach day, week, month and year.  and on and on and on.

With one major accident in 4 years, I feel much much safer in an airplane than I do on the highways every day!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Resolution Report

It's time to check-up on my resolutions and see how I'm doing.

  • pray daily to be led to someone to serve and then do it  - I started off really well but then quit.  I've got to get going on this again.
  • fill a new scripture study journal with thoughts, quotes, and insight - worked on it
  • lose 25 pounds - down 9 1/2 pounds
  • express appreciation for someone at least once a week - again, I started off better and then faded.  I am recommitting.
  • spend one-on-one time with each child every month - totally forgot I'd even set this again this year.  Oops!
  • 1 home improvement/organizational project each month - I organized the junk drawer and the 2 office supply drawers in my kitchen.  They look so good! I also cleared a shelf for our scriptures so they are not always on our kitchen table, moved the cedar chest and moved the piano.  I sewed curtains for the dining room.  We had someone come put can lights in our living room (love it).