Saturday, June 6, 2015

epic fail

Okay, so I made a goal/resolution to blog more faithfully and I haven't written since February 27th.....

I ran my first obstacle race this morning.  Shanley, and Jolyn's girls (Natalie, Erica, Emily, and Rachel) all ran it with me.  It was really tough but super fun!  We climbed the rail fence surrounding rodeo grounds too many times to count, ran soft dirt hills, slid down a slide into a pool of water, ran up and down bleachers, hurdled desks, shimmied on our bellies through tubes, hurdled cement barriers, carried sandbags up and over obstacles, hurdled about 20 rails in a row, did a slip-n-slide type pool, went through a maze of ropes that you had to go over and under, ran through sprinklers in slippery mud, ran through tires, did another slip-n-slide, and ran over fields and on roads.  It was 34 minutes of effort for me but I finished!