Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dear Chandler

Dear Chandler,

Today is your 11th birthday. Wow! I know you're getting older but to me you'll always be "my baby" (I know you hate that). I struggled with the idea of a 5th child but I love you so very much and am so happy to have you in our family! We need you!

You are a good student - especially at math. Your teachers always love you because you are a hard worker, you pay attention and you get your work done. You are sometimes a bit too competitive though since you race to get your work handed in first.

You are also a good athlete. You would rather be outdoors at any time and in any weather. You don't like to sit still. You are a good cook and I am constantly amazed at how proficient you are in the kitchen. You are creative and build wondrous things with your Legos, and the fort in the backyard also exhibits your creativity.

You tend to worry and stress quite a bit. You don't like to be late. You like everything to go according to plan and you want everything planned well in advance! You want to know what is going to happen and when.

Like your siblings, I believe you are part fish. You are so comfortable in the water. You like vacations where you can play in the water. If we are at a hotel with a pool, you spend every possible moment there. One trip to California you begged not to go to McKayla's soccer game. You said, "just leave me in the pool."

You are the best helper anywhere! You are always willing to lend a hand. You have a great curiosity about how things work. One of your favorite things is helping Dad fix the cars or fix things around the house. You even love to help the neighbors with things like cement work or unloading groceries. I think you are a favorite among the neighbors.

Thanks for 11 great years! Happy Birthday!


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