Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School

Monday (8/26) was the first day of school for all of my children. I wanted to get them started off right so I made them each a candy bar poster that read:   Hey "Sweettart", You're o-FISH-ially a SENIOR (sophomore, 7th grader, etc).  Don't "Snicker", this year will be "Mounds" of fun!  You're one smart "Cookie" and "mint" for great things!  I love you "EXTRA" much!  Have a great 1st day!  love, Mom
Favorite food:   pizza
Favorite treat:   Reese’s
Favorite subject:    choir
Favorite color:    brown
Best Friends:    Shanley
Favorite TV Show:    sports
Favorite Movie:    Star Wars
Favorite Hobby:    going to sports k
Favorite food:    chicken poppyseed pasta salad
Favorite treat:   peanut M&Ms and Tootsie rolls
Favorite subject:    medical anatomy
Favorite color:    teal
Best Friends:    Halie Woolley, Brooke Gray, Brandon Walker
Favorite TV Show:   iCarly
Favorite Movie:    Knight and Day
Favorite Hobby:    running
What I Want to Be: nurse
Favorite food:  Chinese
Favorite treat:  fig newtons
Favorite subject:  sign language
Favorite color:  aqua and lime green
Best Friend:    Brooke Ludlow
Favorite TV Show:  Pretty Little Liars and Good Luck Charlie
Favorite Movie:  Knight and Day
Favorite Hobby:  dance
What I Want to Be: nurse or dental hygienist or anything I can wear scrubs to my job
Favorite food:  chicken poppyseed pasta salad
Favorite treat:  Skittles
Favorite subject:  math
Favorite color:  green
Best Friend:   Jeffrey Stratton
Favorite TV Show:  don’t have one
Favorite Movie:  Teen Beach Movie
Favorite Hobby:  soccer
What I Want to Be: airline pilot

Sunday, August 25, 2013

First XC Meet

Thursday was McKayla's first cross-country meet of the season.  It went well.  It was a 2.9 mile race and she ran an 18:03 which put her in 9th place.  Not bad considering she was sore from Monday's workout (they aren't tapering yet).  She was a little disappointed because she wanted under 18 minutes but her time still qualified her a U.S. First Team Elite.  I think that is awesome!

She had such a bad season last year (due to low iron) that it will be nice to see what this season brings.  She is off to a good start.

Along those lines, she had a really great phone call this week.  She has been receiving calls and letters from various coaches around the country (in fact, the high school tells me they receive more letters for her than for any other athlete) but this call got her excited.

The coach from UVU (Utah Valley University) called her on Wednesday and told her she is his #1 recruit.  She told him she wants to go into nursing and he said UVU has a great nursing program but warned her it is tough to run and do all her clinicals.  He told her he'd support her even if she was only able to run 3 of the meets due to the nursing program demands.  He asked about her ACT score and told her she is only 1 point away from an academic scholarship but then told her she didn't need to worry about that because she'd be taken care of.  (Can we read into it that he intends to offer her a full-ride?)  She wants to stay in Utah so UVU would be a good choice.  The coach told her he'd be talking to her frequently.  Stay tuned....


Life has really gotten away from me lately.  Don't get me wrong -I've enjoyed every minute of the bubbling chaos of my life, but it means I haven't been great about blogging.  I think about what a great blog post this event or that one would make but time gets away from me and it doesn't happen.

We had an awesome summer!  I think it's the busiest summer we've ever had.  It went so quickly that I am REALLY not ready for it to be over.  Yet, my children return to school tomorrow.

We enjoyed our trip to upstate New York.  We enjoyed a family reunion in Island Park (hopefully I will blog more about that later).  Alec spent 2 weeks at Camp Kostopulos (one of those was spent in Yellowstone).  The girls enjoyed youth conference and girls' camp and cross-country high-altitude camp.  Chandler played in 2 soccer tournaments.  I enjoyed Education Week at BYU.  I put on a 5K race for the PTA that went well.  I also "catered" a wedding lunch with help from dear friends.

I don't look forward to my children returning to school tomorrow but next week looks much calmer.  I am hoping I can rest my weary body a bit.  I also look forward to trying to get my home back into shape.  I have cupboards just begging to be cleaned and organized.  I am sure it will be a week or two before I am needed as  a substitute so I hope I can get my home and garden under control in the meantime.

Monday, August 12, 2013


I guess that will soon be my name.  I am taking on a new role.

Brakston and Whitney are expecting a baby on February 13th.

I feel TOO young to be a grandma but it's exciting!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

things that make me happy

I had a super cool experience a couple weeks ago - it made me really happy!

Brakston and Whitney were in town and attended church with us.  Alec usually helps bless the Sacrament but didn't that day.  The ward was short on Deacons so they asked Brakston and Alec to help pass the Sacrament.  Chandler already helps pass the Sacrament every week.

It was an awesome sight seeing all three  of my boys helping to pass the Sacrament.  It was truly a bit of Heaven!