Thursday, March 1, 2012

Resolution Check-Up

I didn't do as well as last month but still made progress.

Home Improvement
1) Build shutters for the windows in the front of my house - waiting for warm weather
2) Paint the shutters, outside trim, and outside doors - waiting for warm weather
3) Plant lavender in front of the house - waiting for warm weather
4) Do window treatments for family room, dining room, kitchen, Shanley's room, and the master bedroom - I have been consistently browsing curtain sections (and even tablecloth sections) of stores but haven't found anything I like/want yet. I did buy a really great curtain rod - on clearance even!
5) Paint/stain the back deck - waiting for warm weather
6) Paint the master bathroom - no progress

1) Plan a special date with Kevin once a month - did in February
2) Spend one-on-one time with each child every month (away from the home) - did in February

1) Have 2 game parties for adults this year - did one in February
2) Host 2 special FHEs with other families this year - one so far this year

1) Lose 20 pounds - I only lost 4 pounds this month - a bit disappointing. Still, a loss is a loss and I'll take it! Total lost for the year = 11 pounds!
2) Climb Mount Timpanogos - summer
3) Run a marathon and a half marathon - Still only up to 11 miles. The hip that I injured a month ago still bothers me. It took me a bit to work back up to 11 miles after the injury and the miles are still a bit slower than usual. The hip isn't a lot of pain but it is discomfort.

1) Make sure 1/3 of what I read is uplifting (spiritual, classical, best-book type stuff) - have done this
2) Write a book - I've written another 2500 words. Total word count to date = 8061.

1) Spend 1 day a month in the temple - did not spend an entire day there in February
2) Go to 3 new temples - I've already been to 2 but no new ones in February
3) Read the New Era and the Ensign every month - done in February
4) At the end of every day, record the hand of God in my life for that day - I haven't been quite as consistent in February but I am still really learning/growing from this one

Overall - I am doing very well. My progress was a little slower in February than January but still getting things done.

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