Saturday, February 4, 2012

run, Kaya, run

McKayla took part in an indoor track meet this weekend. For her, the meet got off to a bad start. By the time her team waited for the insanely-long check-in line, she walked into the oval in time to her her race being called. She rushed to the starting line without having time for a warm-up. To make matters worse, her coach hadn't submitted times for any runners so all of them were in the slowest heat. McKayla had not one to help pace or push her. She didn't even know where the finish line was so she stopped about 30 yards short and had to restart.

Needless to say, she was a wreck and lots of tears were shed. Still, she managed to finish in 5:33 which was 17th overall out of 172 runners.

Today's 3200m run went better (but only slightly). She almost got disqualified for having her IPOD in the bullpen (she didn't know). Then she realized she didn't have her shoes. Luckily they were in the car so I raced to the Suburban and made it back with about 30 seconds to spare. Yikes!

She managed to finish 7th out of 76 runners so she at least scored a couple points for her team.

She did have a couple of highlights. A college coach asked her coach about her although he had to walk away when he found out she's only a sophomore. Also, the sprint coach asked her to please try the 4x400 relay. He thinks McKayla might do better than one of his current runners. She decided to focus on those 2 things since neither of her races went as well as she wanted.

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