Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the results of "THE STRIKE"

I really don't know how successful my one week "no cooking" strike really was. I know my family missed having meals made for them but whether that will translate into them being less picky remains to be seen.

They didn't miss me cooking breakfast for them in the morning because Chandler took over that duty. He made pancakes and coffee cake and eggs. The rest of the kids were in heaven!

They all really missed homemade dinners and were ready for me to cook for them after my week off. So far, they've eaten fine but it's hard to know whether that's due to the strike or whether I've just made things they like. I guess time will tell.

If nothing else, when they do complain about what I fix, I can always threaten to go on strike again and they'll know I'm serious. Maybe that will make them think twice.

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