Sunday, October 20, 2013

Special Olympics

Alec played basketball in Special Olympics with a team from his school. They are the South Valley Bombers. He played two games on Friday and two on Saturday. They only won one but Alec had a great time! He scored in every game, had some rebounds, and even had some steals. Special Olympics basketball is a riot! Players get called for "too much traveling" (ya gotta dribble once in a while), roll the ball between other players legs, console the opposing team when they miss a shot, etc.

In his team's only win, Alec made the winning basket in overtime! There was a fun shot of him celebrating their win with his coach on

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Regional XC Championships

Last night was the Regional Championships and McKayla took 2nd! She ran the 3-mile course in 17:34 which is a PR for her! She was pretty happy! I was extremely proud! It earned her a medal and a spot on the First Team All-Region Team. That time places her 116th in the nation which is amazing since most of those with faster times are running at lower altitudes (like sea level) and that makes a huge difference. Since she is a senior, she was also honored with Academic All-Region status. The coach from UVU came and talked to her and told her he came specifically to watch her run. That was pretty cool! Next week it's the State Championships where she is expected to place anywhere from 4th to 7th.
They took a team photo which Alec insisted on being in the middle of. I tried to get him out but the team insisted he stay. He really does think he is part of Riverton's teams and I love, love, love that the students are so accepting of him. He loves to cheer for them, high-five them, and even hug them! The team had dinner at our home the night before the competition and Alec was in the thick of things then too.

I honestly think cross-country runners are some of the best teens on the earth! They are just GOOD kids. I want all of my kids to run XC just so they can associate with people of this caliber. They are great! Brakston's best friends came from his XC team (not his soccer team). Anyways, I love these guys!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chandler's Dash After Dark

Every year Riverton City holds a "Dash After Dark". This year Chandler thought it would be fun to run it! Unfortunately, I read the 5 and assumed 5K when it was actually a 5-mile course. Oops! Chandler has only run 5 miles once before in his life and that was running with me at my incredibly slow pace - not really a challenge. In addition, he hasn't been doing any running at all that doesn't involve a soccer field. So, he was a bit nervous. However, Chandler is also extremely competitive so he kept pushing even though he said he was dying the final mile.


He finished in 38:42.00 which gave him 1st place in his 12-14 age group (he's 12) and 3rd place overall. There were only about 40 runners so not ton of competition but I was still proud of him! He averaged 7:44 per mile.

He got a medal for being 1st in his age division.

He got this trophy for being 3rd overall. He LOVES the trophy and now wants a shelf in his room so he can display it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Whitney's Mission

My cousin's, Jeannine's, daughter Whitney left on a mission to the Arizona Mesa Spanish-speaking mission. She entered the MTC last week. A couple weeks ago we were able to attend her "farewell" in Preston, Idaho. She will be an awesome missionary! She is the most outgoing, friendly, lovable girl ever!

Alec and the gorgeous Whitney!

Monday, October 14, 2013


McKayla went to Homecoming with Brandon Walker. He asked her back in August with a poster that said something like "Hey Honey (insert honey bear), I don't think "OLIVE" (insert can of olives) if you don't go to Homecoming with me. She answered with "Hey Sweethart (insert bag of Sweettarts) I'd be de'lighted' (insert flashlight) to go to Homecoming with you!"

They had a great group but a very busy one! They couldn't fit in a daytime activity because many of them took the ACT that morning. In addition, six of them are cross-country runners and had to do a long run after the ACT. Four of them are student body officers and had to help set-up and take-down the dance decorations. That just didn't leave any time for more than dinner at Olive Garden and the dance.

I loved McKayla's dress! We rented it.
I loved their group! They are some of the best kids I know! Back row L to R: Brandon and McKayla, Halie Wooley and Tanner Welton, Josh Figgins and Kimber Young, Brady Earley, Kenzi Cook and Clay Lambourne, Cami Clark Middle row: Jordan Wooley and Megan Shaw, Erin Oldroyd and Ben Jessee Front row: Sarah Dickey and Michael Bluth

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Powder Puff Football

Homecoming week was super fun and crazy busy! Besides the kids normal practices, Chandler had 2 soccer games, Alec had 3 Special Olympics basketball games, and the girls had 7 Powder Puff football games! McKayla was on the "Navy Blue" team and Shanley was on the "Yellow". Their first game was against each other and Shanley's team came out victorious. In fact, Shanley's team won all of their games, made it to the finals and won that too!
The finals is especially fun to play in! McKayla's team made it last year. It is played on the football field under the lights. After the game is the "Burning of the Wolf". Here is Shanley holding her team's Champions Trophy!