Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resolution Check-Up

Okay, after not doing well over the summer months, I am back on track and making some progress.

Lose weight - Okay, not making progress in this area. I am actually up a couple more pounds. Life has been stressful and I've been eating my way through it. Ugh!

Earn YW Medallion - FINISHED! I am encouraging McKayla to finish hers so we can get our awards together.

Write my grandma's life history - I told you last month that my computer crashed. The hard drive went bad and nothing can be salvaged. I lost everything! I am still sobbing and trying to get motivated to start over.

Do major projects early
CPE - My total for the year is 44 hours. -FINSIHED in May
Christmas cards - I worked on them a little more but still not finished (getting close, though).
nieces and nephews birthday presents - FINISHED!
Christmas gifts - I finished a couple more and did some shopping. I'm feeling good about this area.

Write a book - I worked on this one and made some progress.

Get 7 hours of sleep per night - I started off the month really well and was feeling pretty great. This week I've been stressed and waking up at 2 am. That means I'm getting 4 to 4 1/2 hours of sleep. There hasn't even been time for a 10-minute power nap. So, I'm ending the month tired but I had three really good weeks so I'm counting this one as mostly a success.

Conclusion: Someone come kick my butt and get me back in gear for September!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

parent-teacher conferences

Being a parent of mostly-good, generally-likeable students means parent-teacher conferences are generally not too stressful for me.

Until now.

I am in charge of the teacher dinner tonight. I'll be feeding 60 which should be a piece of cake (I've fed 200 for 3 days before). However, I had this nagging feeling all last night that I was forgetting something. I went over the menu in my mind. Yes, I had purchased everything. I went over the schedule for today. Yes, I had time to get everything done. I went over what I'd need to serve the meal. Yes, I had gathered every utensil/serving spoon I would need.

So, what was the problem?

I realized the problem at 2 am when I awoke remembering that I forgot to deliver the 30 chicken cordon bleus to the lady who is helping me cook them. Oops! One would think that since I couldn't do anything about that at 2 am that I'd be able to go back to sleep. Yep, one would think that....

Anyway, the menu for today:

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Sauce
Tossed Green Salad with Dressing
Rolls (from Texas Roadhouse)
Apple Pie
Vanilla Ice Cream

Certainly not a dietician's dream meal but, heck, I'd eat it. And enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BLT Wraps

I love BLTs - they are just the perfect summer food.

I came across this recipe in the newspaper and decided to try it! I was a huge hit with my family and with a group of girlfriends. Hope it's a big success at your home too.

BLT Wraps
1 8 oz pkg cream cheese, softened
1/2 C sour cream
1/2 C salsa
1/4 C diced red onion
1 pound bacon, cooked and crumbled
3 Roma tomatoes, diced (I like more tomato)
6 leaves green leafy lettuce
6 10-inch tomato tortillas/wraps

Beat together cream cheese and sour cream. Stir in salsa and onion. Spread equal amounts on the tortillas. Sprinkle with bacon and tomatoes. Lay a lettuce leaf on top and tightly roll the tortilla.

Monday, September 27, 2010

missionary moment

A Brakston update:

*He is serving as a zone leader
*He is in Mesa
*His letters home keep getting shorter
*He is missing receiving mail (people just aren't writing much anymore)
*He can no longer speak proper English (he gets the words in the wrong order)
*He is super-happy that he is guaranteed to stay Spanish-speaking for his entire mission
*He comes home 4 months from yesterday!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


If we don't choose what to do, others will choose for us.

We are all busy. I can't remember the last time I talked to an adult that told me they didn't have enough to do. There are so many demands on our time. So many things compete for our attention. The only good news is that we have control. We can focus our best energy on what matters most.

I have some absolutes for every day:

1) time with the Lord (prayer, scriptures, etc)
2) time for me (exercise, reading, blogging, etc)
3) time for my children (listening, watching, special treats, etc)

What are your absolutes?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

He's the KING!

You'd have thought I'd have been all cried out. When I got the call yesterday morning that, based on the voting, Alec was part of Riverton's Homecoming court, I hung up the phone and cried. (They were happy tears.)

I had the privilege of escorting Alec out onto the football field amidst the students' chants of "Alec. Alec. Alec." Sure enough, when they announced that he was the 2010 Homecoming King, all I heard was a pretty deafening cheer from the students. That overwhelming love and support re-started those darn tears! I ended up on the stand in front of hundreds of students (and parents) bawling my eyes out.

All I could think was that when they told me (a few hours after his birth) that Alec had Down syndrome I cried. I cried because I worried that he wouldn't have any friends, and that kids would be mean to him and make fun of him. Never, in my wildest dreams did I EVER imagine that I would one day stand and watch Alec be crowned high school Homecoming King in front of his peers who were cheering insanely loudly for him.

The tears are still coming. Maybe they'll never stop.

And, Alec, you'll always be a King in my book!

a new regret

I just returned from a funeral that left me feeling like I'd blown it.

The funeral was for a 92-year-old sweet sister who lived in our ward until about 3 1/2 years ago when she moved into an assisted living center. Beth was such a quiet, gracious, loving woman. I really loved her.

She always had a kind word. She was gentle and caring and really served others. Since being in the nursing home, she has never once forgotten our family at Christmas. She always sent a card with a handwritten message.

Do you want to know how many times I managed to make it over to see her? ONCE. Isn't that sad? Why didn't I make time to go see her more? Now it's too late.

I'm not the type to beat myself up over past mistakes. I just hope I learn from this one.

Friday, September 24, 2010

RHS soccer victory

Parents should probably not get this excited about a soccer game. After all, it is "JUST a game". Isn't that what we tell our kids?

Still, I am still pretty pumped from the Riverton High soccer 3-0 win against Bingham (our biggest rivals).

One, McKayla saw her most varsity playing time ever (well over half the game) and played well. This is especially nice since 11 members of her club team play for Bingham.
Two, there were some amazing, acrobatic saves by our keeper giving her her 7th shutout in a row! She is outstanding!
Three, it was nice to overcome in a game where the ref made 29 calls for Bingham for every one for us (even ignored a blatant red card offense by the other team). I try not to complain about the refs too much but this game was so out of control that 2 of our players had to be carried off the field. Scary!
Four, this win clinched the Regional Title for Riverton! This means a higher seed in the state playoff brackets.
Five, this win should mean Riverton goes unbeaten in region play (always the chance that they could fall apart).


Thursday, September 23, 2010

where's the finish line?

I hiked up Bell Canyon yesterday. This hike was much more conducive to reflective thought. I came home feeling really refreshed.

I also learned something about myself. I need a definitive ending to things. I generally pick hikes that end at a lake or a waterfall. Last week I picked a hike from one canyon to another. When I reached the parking lot of the second canyon, it was time to turn around and go back.

Yesterday's hike really had no stopping point. (It would have if I'd had 10-12 hours to hike). I had decided to hike for 1 hour and then return. I couldn't do it. I was so afraid that there'd be an amazing view just over the next rise. Or, I'd tell myself that if I just hiked 10 more minutes I'd find a waterfall. Besides, I felt really good, was enjoying the hike and the solitude, and was getting lots of good thinking done.

That's when I realized I need a stopping point. I need to know that something's done or finished or that there's nothing more I can do or no where else to go. It's not just hikes. I do this at Christmas time too. I'll start baking really early so I can be done and ready but then I just end up baking more because I have time to try "just one more recipe". I'll make Christmas presents for my family and friends and then, because I still have time, I'll make something else.

I have quitting problems. Good thing I've never picked up smoking or drinking!

Wasn't it beautiful?

Homecoming assembly

RHS held its Homecoming assembly on Tuesday morning. They introduced the top 6 nominees each for Homecoming King and Queen using a little skit. The boy came to the front door to pick up his date and his baby picture and a current picture were flashed up on the screen.
The boy was invited into the living room and was interviewed by the "parents". They asked questions like "What is your best memory of Riverton High?" "What does it mean to you to be a Silverwolf?" and then a goofy questions like "Which teacher would you ask to Homecoming?" or "What is your favorite breakfast?" Alec answered mostly with references to sporting events.

Then they went to dinner where the boys were handed menus with questions to ask the girls (pretty similar to the boys' questions).

Afterwards, the couples went to the dance. They danced while a couple of guys sang "Home".

The skit was fairly fun and Alec LOVED being center stage!!!! especially with a cute girl!!!!

They ran the assembly twice in order to get all of the student body so I ran and checked McKayla and Shanley out of school so they could watch the 2nd one. I decided that it's not very often you get to see your brother nominated for Homecoming King.

Alec is so very excited about the whole thing!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

asked and answered

With Alec's nomination as Homecoming King, it meant I had the stress of finding just the right "someone" for a dance date. I tossed around the idea of asking a darling girl in our ward whom Alec has been telling me is his girlfriend. I finally decided to do it.

McKayla and I made a poster that said:
Tickets (play money attached)
Dinner (play money attached)
New shirt and tie (play money attached)
Homecoming with you ...PRICELESS!

Will you please go to Homecoming with me?

Alec took the poster, a bouquet of flowers, and a Toblerone bar to her door.

Krysta, delightful girl that she is, immediately called to tell me how thrilled she was (told you she's a sweetheart). Here's her answer: (the Laffy Taffy got eaten before I got the picture taken).

Another stress - how to get him to the dance - was solved when Jacob invited Alec to be part of his group. Now, there's a group and drivers and a date and everything. Does Alec go to the VERY BEST high school ever or what?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

handy gal

Kevin spent the weekend installing a surround sound system to go with our new projection TV. I don't think he could have done it without McKayla's help. She hung all the speakers herself.Yep, she's a keeper!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alec's at it again!

Yes, that is exactly what it looks like - a campout not on the front lawn but on the red paving bricks! Silly Alec! I've blogged before about the weird places Alec finds to sleep but this one may take the cake. He originally set up a little teepee but the wind kept blowing it over. He has spent the last couple of nights out here. Yes, he even has some "bags" with some clothes in them.

I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stand having him sleep out there (or how long it will be before the neighbors turn me in). I guess I didn't take him camping enough this summer.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

books I've read in the past month

Here's the books I've read in the past month. I've ** the ones I recommend.

**The Bricklayer by Noah Boyd
Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber
Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan
Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter by Lisa Patton
Goddess of the Hunt (Goddess Trilogy, #1) by Tessa Dare
Untraceable (Tracers, #1) by Laura Griffin
**The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan
A False Dawn by Tom Lowe
**Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins
**Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham


I had an interesting talk with my kids today. We talked about obedience and I said that sometimes obedience isn't enough.

I think that in our church we sometimes seem to emphasize keeping the commandments and obeying the prophets but don't always stress the "why". I pointed out that Laman and Lemuel were obedient. When their dad told them to pack their bags to leave Jerusalem, they obeyed. When Lehi sent them back to retrieve the plates, Laman and Lemuel went. They obeyed and did what they were told to do so why wasn't that enough? Why are they the "bad guys"?

Could it be that obedience, in and of itself, is not the total answer?

I think Laman and Lemuel were missing the reason for being obedient - loving the Lord and desiring to serve Him. We need the right motivation which then gives us the right attitude which then leads to changed hearts. God doesn't just want us saved (everyone is saved). He wants us redeemed (changed into something better).

It made for an interesting discussion.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

rambling thoughts

I love to hike. I love the one-on-one with nature. It is beautiful. It is serene. It is peaceful. Often I escape to the moments for deep thoughts, reflection, and introspection. Vistas like these appear to be great for contemplation.

However, I have discovered I can't walk and think at the same time. Indeed, my thoughts seem to meander at the same speed as my feet. Here's a sampling:

Lake Mary has beautifully captured the reflection of those mountains. What do I reflect? Wait, is this Lake Mary or Dog Lake? No, Dog Lake is off to my right. It must be Lake Mary. Wait, there were 3 sisters that the lakes were named after...Mary, Catherine, and what's the other one? What is her name? It's not Sophie. Ben's daughter Sophie is so cute! I love the name Sophie. Wait, I want to be thinking deep, meaningful thoughts. What should I think about? I should have come prepared with a topic to contemplate. I've got nothing. Nothing is bothering me. I haven't had any "aha" moments. Nothing.

I wonder how moose attack. Do they head butt you? Gore you? Kick and stomp you? Should I make myself big and intimidating or curl up in a ball so I look non-threatening? I have no ID on me. How will they identify my dead body? Is my Riverton soccer sweatshirt enough of a clue? I am far too old to have played soccer at Riverton High since it's only been open about 10 years. Would investigators check to see if any parents of Riverton soccer players were missing? I'm so glad McKayla is getting varsity time. As a freshman, no less. The coach seems to like her. I'm relieved since he didn't seem to like Brakston.

There's Lake Catherine. That's the one lake I am sure about. I know it's Catherine. Now, what is the name of that 3rd lake? What was that third sister's name? I really can't remember...Mary, Catherine, and somebody (not Sophie). Do you think there are bears up here?

Gorgeous fall foliage. Hard to believe that when I was up here a few weeks ago there were still lots of wildflowers in bloom. Seasons change fast at this altitude. Well, winter probably doesn't go fast. I need to forward the pictures I took of Todd and Jeff (when we were up here a few weeks ago) to their wives. They'd probably appreciate them. Really pretty fall foliage. I love saying that. Fall foliage. Fall foliage. Fall foliage. That has some nice alliteration. If a bear were up here, would it go for me or for the moose. The moose would be a familiar, normal meal but would the bear know I would be an easier target?

Oh, look, more fall foliage! There's those great words again. How come I keep thinking about fall foliage? Don't I have a talk to write, an activity to plan, a child I need to figure out? Don't I have some meaningful thoughts in me anywhere? Why are my thoughts jumping all over the place?

There is a fish in Lake Catherine. I can see it through the water. I wonder if it's possible to capture the image on my point and shoot camera. What is the name of that other lake? That is really bugging me? Wow, I can't wait to tell about my encounter with the moose. It was pretty intense.

There are holes in that rock? Why are there holes in that rock? What made those holes in that rock? They must be man-made. They are too perfect. Why would someone drill holes in a rock. Why three? Oh, more pretty fall foliage.

See what I mean? My thoughts skipped around as fast as my feet. This post almost wears me out just reading it.

I guess to have quiet contemplation, I require quiet feet.

Friday, September 17, 2010

a tryst with a moose

What do you do when your husband is out of town several days a week?

I take off for the mountains with a rendezvous with my favorite bull moose! just kidding. As much as I love wildlife, I don't like to get too "up close and personal" with them. I am perfectly content giving wild animals their space!

However Wednesday I hiked (ALONE) from Little Cottonwood Canyon to Big Cottonwood Canyon and back. I was only about 1 1/2 miles into a hike when I rounded a huge boulder. I heard a snort and turned to see a bull and a cow moose only about 5 feet from me! Whoa! I calmly and quietly sidled further down the trail keeping one eye on the moose and one eye on the trail. When I got a safe distance away, I slowly pulled my camera out of my backpack all the while giving the moose a pep talk that I was NOT going to hurt them, I was grabbing a camera and not a gun, and that they didn't need to attack me.

Then I continued on the trail. I walked about 10 minutes and I heard some moose calls and then some crashing and the bull moose joined me on the trail. He followed me a bit. I have to admit I'm not up on the protocol for these situations. Do I continue on my merry way or does the moose have the right of way?

Since the moose was bigger, I decided to let him pass so as soon as the trail widened, I pulled off to the side as far as I could and let him pass. Again, the bull was WAY too close for comfort. I followed him down the trail for a half mile or so. He stopped periodically and turned around to check me out. He would stare at me and I would stare back. After several eternities (at least it felt like it), the moose would turn back and continue on down the trail. This happened about 3 times before the moose finally left me a nice, fresh deposit and then ambled down off the trail and onto rougher terrain.

Lest you fear I got too lonely, I should tell you that the moose was still waiting for me on my return trip.

We've got to stop meeting like this!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I realize I've been slacking at posting lately. That is what happens when you leave your home at 4 am and return at 9:30 pm (Tuesday) or 5 am and return at 9 pm (Wednesday).

Stay tuned because I had a nice run-in with a moose to post about. First, I must get groceries because my family thnks they need to eat. Silly Family!

Monday, September 13, 2010

my addictions

*chocolate (oh, who am I kidding? let's just say SUGAR)
jigsaw puzzles
*soccer games
*warm rolls
*corn on the cob

I don't know if I technically could be called "addicted" to any of these things but I sure hate going too long without them!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chanler funny

As usual, Chandler just cracks me up. The other day we were talking and he said, "I remember when I was young."

What are you, kid? thirty-five? eighty-two?

Oh, wait, you're NINE! Glad you can remember all the way back when you were young!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Homecoming royalty???

Well, that's yet to be seen but Alec has been nominated for the Riverton High Homecoming Royalty. That is pretty exciting news!

I called my mom to tell her and mentioned that Alec is like "Oh, wow, that's cool." and then he's just back to singing and talking to imaginary people. I told my mom, "He just doesn't get it." My mom said it's more exciting for the parents.

I thought about it and decided that is true. Maybe it is my validation that I didn't have a completely unloveable child. I definitely have had time to question that over the years. There is the heartbreak of Alec never getting invited to birthday parties in elementary school. There is all the years of Alec never being invited to anyone's home for a "play-date". There is the middle school suspensions (don't ask!). There is countless meetings with teachers where they tell you everything your child is doing wrong and everything they can't do while you just beg them to tell you ONE thing they like about your child.

So, I guess when a student body officer calls you on Friday morning to tell you your child is not only nominated for Homecoming Royalty but also received the most votes, it is okay for you to sit back and enjoy it for a moment.

(And then feel badly for all the parents who never get this kind of validation.)

Friday, September 10, 2010

summer to-do list revisited

In May I posted my summer to-do list. I thought it would be good to see how I fared on that.

Stuff already planned for summer:
*my women friends and our children trip to Yuba Lake with the waverunners
*youth conference
*family reunion at Ruby's Inn
*Canyon to Canyon half-marathon
*YW Girls' Camp
*family trip to Yellowstone Park with friends
*cousins' camp (for my kids, nieces, and nephews)
*BYU Education Week

I did all that was planned and loved every one of them!!!!!

Stuff I love to do every summer:
*Riverton Town Days
*Family Fun Day at Wheeler Farm
*Days of '47 Float Preview
*hike to Cecret Lake
*hike to Donut Falls
*soccer tournaments
*waverunners on Utah Lake (frequently)

We missed Family Fun Day but went to the free day at This is the Place State Park. We didn't take out the waverunners very much (I was out of town too much this summer.)

Special things I want to do this summer:
*hike to Ensign Peak
*host an afternoon tea party
*send Brakston a 1/2 birthday package
*hike from Little to Big Cottonwood Canyon and back

With such a crazy summer, I decided early on to hold the tea party in the Fall. I haven't done the hike from Little to Big Cottonwood Canyon and back but I am going to do it next week so that's close enough to summer to count.

Overall, I did most of my summer list. Regardless, I had one really fun summer!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

temple quarry

We had family home evening with our extended family last Sunday. We met at the Salt Lake Temple quarry site. We wandered the trail and read the signs and then my dad told us about the quarry workers and how they drilled the rocks and transported them to the temple site. It was pretty amazing.

You can see the drill marks.

Aliza and Katrina (Tonya's) with one of Jolyn's twins (yes, I know, they're 12 and I STILL can't tell them apart - pitiful)

Darin (Jolyn's spouse), Jeremy (Tonya's spouse), my dad's back, and Ben

Alec standing amongst the rocks that were rejected.

Shanley, Sophie (Ben's), and McKayla

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

all fun, no labor

Our Labor Day holiday was definitely all about the enjoyment factor. I managed to sleep in a bit then went to a late Jazzercise class. Then I took McKayla and Chandler and 3 of my nephews (Matt, Ryan, and Jake) hiking. My dad also came along. We went to Cecret Lake which is a super easy hike (1 mile, 600 ft elevation gain) but it is a pretty lake.Ryan (Tonya's son), Chandler, Matt (Tonya's oldest), McKayla, and Jake (Jolyn's son)

The boys just had to make their way around the entire lake. At times, it's pretty tricky. Sometimes, they had to try 2 or 3 routes to find a way that was passable but since all 4 boys are part mountain goat, they managed to make it all the way!

Ryan, Jake, and Matt are kings of the hill.

Chandler, as always, is drawn to the water! (He's part mountain goat, part fish)

After the hike, we met up with my mom, Jolyn's family, and Tonya's family and had a picnic in Liberty Park. Our plan was to attend the Bees' baseball game (Triple A) but none of us double-checked the schedule and the game was held during the day not the evening. Oops!

We had a lot of fun anyway! Too bad that Kevin actually did have to labor (he flew to Long Beach and back and then on to San Antonio).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

good buds

Alec has always adored his younger sister, McKayla. She has more influence on him than the rest of us (with the possible exception of Brakston whom he worships). If McKayla tells Alec to do something, he does it. If he is sad and crying, all it takes is a hug from McKayla to cheer him up. He is her biggest fan and cheerleader on the soccer field! He does the haka during the half-time of every one of her Glory and/or Riverton High soccer games (luckily, both times have totally adopted him). I am glad that when Brakston left on his mission, Alec still had McKayla. I don't know what I'll do when they're both gone.

Monday, September 6, 2010

it's a BEAR!


Okay, not that kind of bear. Chandler has earned his Bear ranking in cub scouts. I am proud of him. It took him a little over 6 months. He loves scouts!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

NOT coincidences

Thursday was the coolest day! I truly could see the Lord's hand in everything! I don't really believe in coincidences too much and certainly not in this many in a row!

Let's start back about 2 weeks ago when Kevin gave the kids and I our "back-to-school" blessings. Mine said "Don't worry about Brakston. He is doing right and is in the Lord's hands." Now, I don't generally worry about Brakston so I thought it was a little weird. Little did I know that in only a short while I would have reason to worry and I would be able to see the Lord's hands in a myriad of things!

The Tuesday after the blessings we got an email from Brakston. He was struggling a bit and not enjoying his new companion. Then, this week we got another email. Things had gotten worse and you could tell Brakston was really having a difficult time. In his email he also asked that we send him some suit pants IMMEDIATELY!

Wednesday was nuts but Kevin was home on Thursday and agreed to go on the school field trip with Chandler's class so I could stay home and get a package off to Brakston (#1). While baking cookies, the secretary at Riverton seminary called and asked if I could sub the next day. I said "probably not" knowing that I was already scheduled to be at the high school from 10:30am to 1 pm plus it had been an insane week and I needed to catch up (important things like shop for a birthday present for Shanley). However, I asked the secretary when they needed the sub and she said it was for the early morning class and the next 2 periods. I would finish at 10:39 am. I wanted to say no but a voice told me to say yes (#2). About 30 minutes later the teacher I was subbing for called and told me he wanted me to show a 16-minute DVD clip. He asked if I wanted to come pick it up so I could preview it. Normally I would say no but, again, a voice told me to say yes (#3). I went to pick it up on my way to JCPenney to get Brak's suit. I walked in to the teacher's office and grabbed the DVD and was leaving when the bell rang. I decided to stick around and say hi to the teacher (#4). He told me he was going to Mesa, AZ for a funeral (#5). I told him that's where Brakston is right now. He said, "I wish I had known. I would have called you last night and had you bring a package for him." I asked when he was leaving because I was going to buy him suit pants right then. The teacher said he had been going to leave at the very moment but during the last class had felt prompted to go have something checked on his car so he probably wasn't leaving for an hour (#6). I hurried to Penney's to buy the suit pants but when they scanned my receipt, I was told they no longer carried that brand. That meant I had to buy Brakston a whole suit and not just pants but I didn't know his jacket size. I called the mission home and the secretary told me she would try to reach him but thought he would most likely be in an appointment. She called him and not only was he NOT in an appointment but he was less that 5 minutes from his apartment so he could run back and check his jacket size (#7). I was able to get a size, buy the suit, buy more things to send along in the package, and get everything to the seminary teacher.

Wow! I could just see the hand of the Lord in every little detail!

In addition, Brother Bowen (the teacher) planned to deliver it personally. I knew this would be a great lift to Brakston! Bro. Bowen had Alec in his class all last year so I asked Bro. Bowen to think of his funniest Alec story to share with Brakston.

I know the Lord was aware of Brakston and his needs and did everything to ensure those needs were met. Brakston truly is in the Lord's hands and I am grateful for that!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shanley's birthday

Yesterday Kevin and I returned to the land of "having 3 teens". Shanley's 13th birthday means she is officially a teenager (joining Alec and McKayla in teendom).

Birthdays at our home mean having your favorite food for breakfast (sticky buns) and lunch brought to you at school. This year Shanley chose In-N-Out Burger (burger, fries, and a strawberry shake).

I allow my girls to get their ears pierced when they turn 13. Shanley has looked forward to it for months (maybe even years)! She got scared right before they did it but she decided it hurt worse afterwards than when they were doing the actual piercing.

Then Kevin and I took Alec, McKayla, and Shanley to Texas Roadhouse for dinner (Chandler wanted to stay home and play soccer with neighborhood kids - silly boy! where are his priorities?) We had a great time. The waitress brought over a saddle for Shanley to sit on, announced to everyone that it was her birthday, and had the entire place give her a big YEE-HAW! It completely embarrassed her but she also got a free dish of ice cream covered with chocolate sauce so she got over it!

Shanley is my happy-go-lucky child. She has millions of friends and seems to make new ones in an instant. She is so easy to get along with. She will share anything she has with anyone. She rarely stresses or gets upset. She has always been a daddy's girl and is not shy about letting people know it. She can handle being teased but rarely teases others. She is kind to everyone and usually has a big smile on her face.

I am blessed to have this girl in my life! Happy 13th, Shanley!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

unappreciative children

I try to be and do what I thing a "good mom" is and does.

One of those things includes fixing breakfast for my kids most mornings. I try to make a variety of things - bagels, waffles, pancakes, muffins, eggs, breakfast burritos, breakfast cake, oatmeal, etc.

Once or twice a week we do cold cereal. This morning was one of those mornings. Chandler woke up, wandered out to the kitchen, and asked me what was for breakfast. When I told him he could have cold cereal, his response was, "Wow, mom! You finally got it right!"

Who knew that all I needed to do to "get mothering right" was serve cold cereal? Who knew?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Resolution Check-Up

Wow! I thought July was bad. August was worse! I was out of town for 3 weeks of August and then had the whole back-to-school thing to worry about. Hopefully, things will now settle down and I'll make significant progress on these goals.

Lose weight - August was more about gaining weight and relosing it. I went on too many vacations and ate too much. I gained. I lost. I gained. I lost. I gained. I actually ended the month up a couple pounds so I'd say I failed for the month in this area!

Earn YW Medallion - FINISHED! I am encouraging McKayla to finish hers so we can get our awards together.

Write my grandma's life history - I told you last month that my computer crashed. The hard drive went bad and nothing can be salvaged. I lost everything! I am still sobbing and trying to get motivated to start over.

Do major projects early
CPE - My total for the year is 44 hours. -FINSIHED in May
Christmas cards - I worked on them a little more but still not finished.
nieces and nephews birthday presents - FINISHED!
Christmas gifts - I finished a couple more.

Write a book - Failure. I did nothing.

Get 7 hours of sleep per night - Mixed review. I did horrid at girls' camp. I did better the next week camping in Yellowstone. I didn't do well during BYU Education Week. I went to bed early the entire last week of the month but woke early, had a cold, didn't sleep well, etc so I ended the month extremely run down and tired.

Conclusion: Someone come kick my butt and get me back in gear for September!