Friday, February 10, 2012

embarrassing moment

Author's Note - This post is published with the permission of the embarrassed party.

We've all had our share of embarrassing moments. I sometimes think I've had more than my share. This past Wednesday was McKayla's turn.

Last weekend a picture was taken of her and Michael (the two of them like each other). I haven't seen it but McKayla says it is probably the worst picture she's ever seen of herself - way worse than her driver's license photo!

Of course, that's not the embarrassing part.

On Wednesday, 2nd period, she walked into her Health Occupations class only to have her teacher tell her that her track coach wanted to see her. McKayla walked across the hall to his classroom only to see the photo of Michael and her displayed on the projection screen. She made the classic-teenage-sound-of-disgust and walked out. She didn't realize her track coach followed her back to her classroom but she got back to health and her teacher told the class "Today we're watching a movie" and when she turned on the projection screen, there was the picture of Michael and McKayla. Her track coach started laughing and McKayla turned to him and said, "Oh, I hate you!" (though she was laughing)

Then comes 4th period Spanish and her teacher starts off class by turning on her projection screen guessed it! Michael and McKayla! She had several students comment to her throughout the day so she was about ready to kill her coach.

(Please don't take me literally - that is NOT a death threat against a teacher! McKayla really was laughing as she told me all of this. Her coach just really enjoys giving her a hard time and she really is able to take it.)

Makes me laugh!