Monday, February 6, 2012

when I was young...

Life was simpler in my day. I grew up in a small town with a high school of 500 students (10th through 12th). We didn't have tons of electives. AP (Advanced Placement) classes were unheard of. Concurrent enrollment? Nah. Tech centers? No way! There weren't even any honors classes. I think the biggest choice I had was whether to take Chemistry 2 or Biology 2 my Senior year. Wow. Decisions. Decisions.

Fast forward to trying to figure out McKayla's schedule for the next 2 years. It definitely involves some planning. We met with a counselor last Friday for 45 minutes to sort it all out. Of course she has to meet graduation requirements. She wants to do the CNA (certified nursing assistant) program at the Tech Center. She also has to meet NCAA clearinghouse requirements since she's hoping/working for an athletic scholarship. In addition, she'd like to graduate with as many college credits as possible but some schools don't accept all concurrent enrollment classes so she needs to know which ones to take. Then there is weighing the benefits of AP classes over the stress of an already busy schedule (soccer and cross-country both in one season which means 5 nights a week of not even being home until at least 7 pm if not later). Whew!

Good news - I think we've got her all figured out for the next 2 years. Fingers crossed. Hoping.

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  1. Great--just send me a copy of her schedule. It might save me some time:)