Thursday, August 28, 2014

1st day of school 2014

Shanley's first day of school was Monday. She is a junior. Truthfully, this is her picture from the second day. She wore sweats and a hoodie the first day. She was comfy but said people laughed that she didn't dress up for the first day like everyone else.
Shanley's favorites/info: Food: pizza Candy: Twix Treat: chocolate chip cookies with milk Color: green Subject: lunch TV Show: Pretty Little Liars Movie: Little Rascals Friends: Austin, Shaylynn Lovendahl, Baylie Whittaker, Chancey Free Time Activity: eat and sleep When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse. Alec went to school very prepared - sports section of the newspaper and a bagel! He started his final semester at South Valley School on Tuesday. He was really excited for school to start. His teacher is Trevor Stookey again.
Chandler is now an 8th grader and started school on Tuesday.
Chandler's favorites/info: Color: green Food: cinnamon rolls Candy: Skittles Treat: playdough ice cream Subject: P.E. Spare Time: Minecraft TV Show: American Ninja Warrior Movie: Frozen Friends: Mason Lahti What Chandler wants to be when he grows up: computer programmer

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

library fines

Kevin and I have a profound difference of opinion when it comes to library fines.  He thinks they are a waste of money.  I think it's very cheap entertainment.

I probably spend about $20/year on fines.   Occasionally, it is because I forget to return something but most often it is a conscious decision.  If I am in the middle of reading something when it becomes due and I am unable to renew it, I usually keep it until I finish it.  I figure the 15 cents a day is worth it!  I rarely buy books but use the library to read about 7-8 books per month.  That is 80-90 books per year for $20 which is a huge bargain!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A good day at the library

Truthfully, any day at the library is a good day but last week was an especially good day!

Our library does a summer reading program.  This year is the 75th anniversary of the county library system so they were rewarding those who participated with either (1) a new book or (2) $7.50 off their fines.

I had just gone over $10.00 in fines (which meant I couldn't check anything else out) so I definitely chose the $7.50 reduction in my fines!  On top of that, they gave me a free pass to the Museum of Natural History.

Those alone were cause for celebration but that wasn't all.  The library also does "Reader's Choice" twice a year.  Every time you read 5 books off the Readers Choice list, you get to pick a free book.  I had just finished my fifth so I also got to choose a new book.

$7.50, a museum ticket, and a new book - not a bad haul!!!

Oh yeah, let's not forget that I came home with 5 other books to read.  Heaven!

Monday, August 4, 2014

fun with Alec

Alec loves to be the center of attention and he loves the camera aimed in his direction! Sometimes, he just plain commands me to "take a picture, Mom!"

 We went to the float preview party. SLC hosts this event prior to the Pioneer Day Parade on July 24th to show off all the floats. I love being able to walk around and see the floats up close and in AIR CONDITIONING no less!
Alec was especially attracted to the BYU float!

 We also recently went to Hale Center Theater to see "Mary Poppins". It was supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! When Alec especially enjoys a show, he always wants his picture taken with a member of the cast. Mind you, he only wants a picture with the pretty female of the cast! heehee!

I'm not sure which Alec enjoys more - his Friday night pizza or having his picture taken? Both just puts him in pure heaven!