Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweetheart's Dance

McKayla attended Sweetheart's last night and had a fabulous time! They went to IHOP for breakfast. McKayla had her hair done by a pro but didn't like the updo and took it out anyway. Their group contained 12 people but McKayla said they really spent the night divided into 2 groups of 6. They had dinner of chicken alfredo at one of the girls' homes, went to the dance, and then went to one of the guy's homes for sundaes and a movie.
McKayla said her group of 6 just hung out together talking and laughing and really enjoying each other's company.
L-R: McKayla, Jesse VanValkenburg, Clay Lambourne, Val Ashley, Reed Dudley, and Kaitlyn. This was the first time I'd met her date, Jesse, but he seemed very nice and friendly. He was also very enthusiastic when I asked if the dance had been fun. McKayla is very good friends with the other two guys (in fact, both were at our home Friday night) and the one in black was her date to Boys' Pref. Clay, Reed, and McKayla hang out in the same group and are together nearly every Friday and Saturday night - probably why she felt so comfortable all night.

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  1. Britni is jealous with how gorgeous Mckayla is in that dress. It's modest and she is beautiful!! I'm so glad that she had fun. Britni is also jealous of how much fun and dating that McKayla is doing. Britni will have to come and stay with you to go on some fun/clean dates!! :)