Sunday, April 22, 2012

the weekend recap

What kind of parents leave their 11-year-old son stranded at home when he is supposed to be at his soccer game? Oh yeah...that would be us. It is just one more time when I wonder (1) how we EVER survived without cell phones and (2) just how overscheduled we are.

Friday night I left Alec at the RHS soccer game and called McKayla's cell phone to tell her to bring him home. Kevin and I attended Chandler's soccer game where we watched him score a 40-yard bomb! Thank goodness for cell phones because McKayla called us to tell us she had a team dinner and couldn't bring Alec home. Luckily, Chandler's game ended and we got to RHS to pick him up 2 minutes before the game ended.

Saturday Kevin and I got up early to fit in our run before "running" the rest of the day. We went to Taylorsville High to watch McKayla run in an Invitational. She ran a PR (personal record) of 11:41.45. This netted her 6th place and a medal as well as bettered her own school record. Unfortunately, it is still 4 seconds short of qualifying for State.

Kevin left to run home and mow the lawn, work in the garden, do edging, and take Shanley shopping while I stayed at the track meet. McKayla ran the 800m leg of the medley relay and helped her team take 3rd earning herself another medal.

Here's where the problem started. My cell phone completely died and McKayla lost hers. It was late enough when I left the track meet that I went straight to Chandler's soccer game thinking he and Kevin would be there. However, Kevin had called McKayla (who by now had found her phone) and they decided I was on my way to come get Chandler so Kevin left him at home while he took Shanley to her dance competition (also at Taylorsville High).

So, Kevin is at Taylorsville, I'm at the soccer field wondering where Chandler and Kevin are, and Chandler is at home wondering where I am. I finally borrow someone's phone and get a hold of Kevin, rush home to pick up a frantic Chandler, and deliver him to the game. Meanwhile, Kevin leaves Shanley and meets me at the game. We watch him play before dropping him off at a birthday party and rushing back to Taylorsville High to watch Shanley's dance team perform 2 dances where they placed 1st for their lyrical dance and 2nd for their jazz routine.

All in all, it was a successful weekend for our kids with just a bump or two in the road to add a little zest.

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