Wednesday, April 25, 2012

a "Free Willy" outfit

I don't think our family is normal. See, I'm a gal and gals are supposed to like to shop. But I don't. Then, there's the fact that teen boys aren't supposed to like to shop. But Alec does. The two of us together are not the best mix. Alec has been begging me to take him shopping lately. The biggest problem with that is that he usually has something in mind and it's my job to try to figure out what it is. Currently, he is really into the "Free Willy" movies. He watched one on the way to our Spring Break camping trip and hasn't stopped talking about whales since. Actually, it probably dates back even further than that. A guy gave McKayla a love poem and a whale (he thought it was a dolphin and she loves dolphins). McKayla told Alec the whale was for him and he was thrilled - thus starting the "Free Willy" movie watching. Alec is even sure he brought a whale home with him from our campout (there is no end to that kid's imagination - but I digress). Anyway, Alec had been begging me to take him shopping because he insisted that he needed "Free Willy" clothes. Yikes! What is that? No amount of my questions could help me discern what he had in mind. Last night I finally acquiesced and took him shopping. An hour or so of looking at clothes and trying things on, I finally convinced him that a pale blue shirt that has "19" and "CA" on it was a "Free Willy" outfit made just for him because whales live in California and Alec is 19. He bought that so he bought the shirt and matching shorts. All is now well in the world. Until he starts watching "Star Wars" again and wants "Darth Vader" clothes.

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