Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pina Colada

Is it odd that one of my family's favorite flavors is pina colada? I mean, we are a non-alcoholic family but we find that tropical concoction irresistable.

When Brakston was barely 5 years old, he required some surgery at Primary Children's Hospital. They talked to Brakston, Kevin, and I prior to the surgery. They explained that they had multiple flavors of anesthesia and asked Brakston what flavor he wanted suggesting that he might like cotton candy or grape or root beer. Brakston immediately requested pina colada. The nurses looked at us, looked at him, and looked back at us - clearly startled. Then they assured Brakston they could mix coconut and pineapple and make him a pina-colada flavored anesthetic. They continued to give Kevin and I wondering glances.

Maybe I should have set their minds at ease by explaining that we frequently enjoyed the Bacardi's frozen pina colada mixed in the NON-ALCOHOLIC manner.

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