Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"eye" don't

Anyone that knows me knows that my eyes are a trial in my life. I have very poor eyesight (maybe 20/10,000 but it's so bad it can't really be measured) and horrid astigmatism. Glasses can't correct my vision and if I wear them, I get a massive headache. The only contacts I can wear are the gas permeable ones (hard).

When the wind blows, I get dirt trapped between my contacts and my eyes and it really hurts. I end up crying and taking out my contacts and so on.

Saturday the wind blew all day and I was outside all day - first running and then watching McKayla run. My contacts killed. I took them out numerous times throughout the day and rinsed them and rinsed my eyes and put them back in but the wind just kept blowing dust/dirt back in them. Ugh!

Sure enough, it scratched my cornea leaving me unable to wear my right contact Sunday and Monday. This also gives me a massive headache since it puts a strain on me to only use one eye. By Monday, I knew the scratch had become infected (it's happened numerous times before). The pain was fairly intense and I couldn't even open my eye. Couldn't sleep Monday night so got into a doctor Tuesday (that was a whole other ordeal).

Yea! Relief! I got very expensive eye drops which not only have an antibiotic but also steroids so my eye feels much better! I'm hoping to get my right contact back in soon.

Don't suggest eye surgery. I've seen 3 specialists and every one of them tells me I'm not a candidate for lasik - my corneas are too thin.

The solution - pray for cataracts. That's right, folks! This 44-year-old gal is supposed to hope she gets cataracts. Why? There is one surgery that would work - inserting a contact into my eye. However, it's very expensive and my insurance will only cover it if I get cataracts.

Well, I can't bring myself to pray for cataracts. I just thank the Lord regularly that contacts correct my vision and allow me to see! I really do enjoy my vision. I think these periods of eye-trouble just make me more grateful for the blessing that the ability to see really is!

So, I guess I'll just pray that God calms the winds.

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  1. Ouch. I'll stop complaining about having to wear my reading glasses.