Tuesday, April 3, 2012

General Conference

Like just about anything having to do with Alec, General Conference was "interesting". Don't get me wrong - I love General Conference! I look forward to it. Alec just always adds an interesting dimension to things. Like this year when he wanted to watch conference by himself. He stayed holed up in my room watching while the rest of the family gathered in the family room. However, every time the choir sang, Alec would emerge from his self-imposed exile and join us. He would sing along with the choir - very loudly! When the song was over, it was back to my room for him. Like I said - everything's an adventure with Alec!

So much of this conference focused on families. I feel inspired to make family an even greater focus over the upcoming months. And Pres. Uchdorf's advice to "STOP IT" is sure to become a classic!

For the afternoon session on Sunday, I made these treat buckets. Each one was labeled with a word sure to be heard repeatedly (faith, family, prophet, prayer, and scriptures). Each time you heard that word, you got to have a treat from that bucket. It was a huge hit! Next year I'll print the words on 5x7 cards and have them use tally marks and just grab the treats after each talk or during a song or something. It was a bit disruptive to have them rushing for the treats during the talks. Still, my family likes candy and I think the kids listened harder.

One of the best things about conference this year was my cousin Jeannine and her family joined us for that last session of conference - always great to see them! We so enjoyed our visit with them! Alec fell in love with their oldest daughter - Whitney and made me take a picture of the two of them.It is no wonder he fell in love with her - she is beautiful with a personality to match!

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  1. I want to watch conference with Alec sometime--and with that candy. My kids reminded me what a lame-o mom I was because I didn't have any conference treats or games. Hey, but I popped some popcorn. That counts, right?