Sunday, April 15, 2012

this and that

It was such a pleasant surprise to get home late Wednesday night and find Brakston and Whitney here! Love it!

Chandler is trying to keep as busy as the rest of the family - he played 3 soccer games in 21 hours!

Alec bought Dunford chocolate donuts yesterday and gave one to everyone but me. He refused to even give me a half of a donut. However, when I made brownies last night he proclaimed, "Mom is my favorite!"

Went through the temple with my niece Natalie last night in preparation for her mission. There were 14 family members present. Is there anything better than being in the temple with your family?

McKayla got a cute answer to MORP - a carton of sherbet with a note that read "If I were Ernie and you were Bert,then I'd say "Sure, Bert!"

The Easter Bunny finally came to our home yesterday morning. We were out of town Easter weekend. I had to be at the temple early Tuesday morning (and don't get home til half the kids are gone). I left before my kids were up on Wednesday morning. Thursday and Friday I was teaching and had to leave early so... Anyway, I think it was so much fun yesterday because my kids totally didn't expect it! They had decided they wouldn't be getting Easter baskets this year. Their shrieks of delight were priceless!

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  1. The Easter Bunny still hasn't made it to our house yet. . . Maybe Monday night or Tuesday morning, but don't tell.