Monday, April 16, 2012

missionary homecoming

My parents recently returned from their mission serving in the Washington D.C. Temple. They spoke in church Sunday and most of their children and grandchildren were in attendance (darn Dawnette living in Texas!). We kids surprised them with a yard full of flags when they got home from church. There is a flag for each mission served.

Okay, we cheated a little bit because we flew my niece Natalie's flag and she is not leaving for 2 months but... From left to right we have Natalie with Oregon, Jeremy's oldest son (standing in for him since he couldn't make it) with Pennsylvania, Kevin with Michigan, Darin with North Carolina, Brakston with Arizona, my mom and dad with Utah and Washington, D.C. and my dad also has California, Tonya with Michigan, Todd with North Carolina, Kari with Texas, Dawnette's Indiana flag.

My parents in front of the D.C. flag.

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