Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As has become our Spring Break tradition, we went camping with friends for the 5-day, 4-night break from school. This year we went to Sandhollow State Park just outside of St. George. We had a marvelous time! Here is McKayla just "hanging".

We enjoyed the company of friends. We visited and played card games. The kids played the Skittles game (another camp tradition). Here is Shanley and Katie.

The kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt amid the sagebrush and sand.

Sandhollow was a lot more scenic than I had imagined. Knowing we were headed to a desert just didn't conjure visions of beauty in my head but it was quite pretty.

I have to admit, though, that I was feeling pretty gritty and dry by the time we left. I think there was sand in EVERYTHING!

A few kids got buried in the sand. Confession time - there may or may not have been some debate about leaving a kid or two buried. Here's Blake buried and his brother, Cade, looking a little too pleased about it.

This gives you an idea of the depth of the pit.

Many of the kids got in on the action of burying Riley.

There was a lot of horseshoe throwing. Here's Jeff and Kevin.

Alec loved the 4-wheelers. He couldn't get enough of it and talked just about everyone into giving him a ride. He kept ready most of the time (if you noticed his picture on the egg hunt above, he is wearing his helmet). I was quite pleased that I actually got Alec to drive the 4-wheeler for a few minutes. He is usually too scared but he did it and I even survived it!

Hannah and Ellie did some creative play and built their own home/city in the sand. they even had a movie room and a fire pit.

Chandler got his OHV license before we went and he sure made the most of it! He spent every possible moment on the 4-wheelers and did his best to keep up with the teen boys.

Other highlights:
  • riding the waverunners
  • kayaking
  • building sand castles
  • blowing fire
  • roasting starbursts
  • making s'mores
  • visiting a ward on Sunday
  • Kevin chasing Karen around to get the "adult" candy

Let's not forget all the yummy food - hot dogs and burgers, Dutch oven hamburger with carrots and potatoes, fried chicken and french fries, and ham and funeral potatoes for the Easter Sunday dinner, blueberry pancakes, and homemade cinnamon rolls. It's a good thing McKayla and I got a couple runs in.

Jeff Pocock and his boys.

Karen Goins and her children.

Todd and Jill Nebeker and their children.

Kevin and I and our children who are still at home (we wish Brakston and Whitney could have joined us).

All 22 of us - taken right before we left so that we are look our very best (heehee!)

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