Friday, March 9, 2012

dance, dance, dance the night away


It was Special Needs Mutual last night. Every year the youth from a ward host a Spring Dance for the Special Needs Mutual. So much fun! It was the very best!

Everyone danced so enthusiastically! One girl from my class has a very sweet smile but she is so shy that I hardly ever see it. Last night she was beaming the entire night! My heart just melted watching her. Everyone had such a good time. The youth of the hosting ward and the "friends" who help each week at Special Needs Mutual danced with those with disabilities.

There were several line dances and, of course, the chicken dance. I laughed and danced and snapped photos. I think I had just as good a time as the youth. Sometimes I have to wonder if life would be lived more fully if we all had fewer inhibitions and worried less about what others think - might be a nice way to live.

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