Sunday, March 18, 2012

to build, or not to build?

In Relief Society today, someone shared a quote from Brigham Young where he had seen our day and our modern conveniences and said they were to enable us to spend more time building God's kingdom.

Makes me reflect on my time. Internet, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, autos, etc save me time. What do I do with that time that is saved? Am I using it to build God's kingdom?

I'm sure that some of that time savings is what allows me to serve in the temple and to substitute teach seminary. I'm also sure that those things count as helping to build God's kingdom. However, could I be doing more?

Currently the rest of my "free time" is spent on running and PTA. PTA, while important, may not be really doing anything to build God's kingdom. I like to think it is helping build tomorrow's leaders. Running, while also good, is probably more of a selfish thing. It may make me more fit for the kingdom (pun intended) but it doesn't really benefit anyone else.

I vow to watch my time more closely and look for more ways I can strive to build the kingdom of God on the earth.

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