Tuesday, March 6, 2012

boon or bane?


Need I say more?

I honestly don't think I could survive without my laptop. I use it to google recipes, find out when RHS games/meets are, keep in touch with friends and family, find Chandler's spelling words for the week, get info from coaches on games and practices, etc.

My name is Marvelle and I am an addict. I need my electronic devices.

Which is why this weekend was so devastating. On Saturday, I went for a 12-mile run and my MP3 player conked out after just 2.5 miles. Aargh! 9.5 miles with nothing to distract me. It was torture. To make matters worse, it can't be revived. It is just plain gone.

If this weren't enough for one weekend, on Sunday I was trying to add stake conference info to my calendar on my phone. I literally live by that calendar. It contains EVERYTHING! So, you can imagine my horror when the entire calendar disappeared. Yep. Every event - erased. For. the. entire. year. Yikes! I think it may take me a week or two just to try to get everything back on there and even then I am certain I will forget something. I may run around missing meetings for the next 10 months.

Can't survive without the electronics anymore.

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