Thursday, March 8, 2012

random thoughts

*Today is the best day for running that we've had in a long while - sunny and best of all, NO wind!!!

*Middle schoolers are impossible to handle when you disrupt their usual schedule. We had an assembly today and the students were out of control the rest of the day!

*Maybe the middle schoolers behavior had to do with the sunny, spring day.

*Forget scraping the bugs off your windshield, I got home from running today and looked in the mirror to find an insect splattered on my sweaty forehead - gross!

*WARNING - weighing yourself every day may cause panic. Yesterday I was up 2.6 pounds from the day before and today I was up another 2.4 pounds. Even though I know it is impossible for me to have gained 5 pounds in 2 days (especially when I've been sick and hardly eaten anything), it still causes feelings of dismay and desperation!

*I'm not sure which item has caused my children the most stress today - no milk in the fridge or no cookies for after school treats. From my viewpoint, I'm sure it's a good thing not to have cookies if there is no milk to go with them anyway.

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