Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This morning I read in the newspaper that a city in Colorado has cancelled its annual Easter egg hunt because of last year's bad behavior ... by parents. Yep, the parents' behavior was so atrociously aggressive that the whole event was cancelled this year.

I believe it.

Only my two oldest ever participated in city-sponsored Easter egg hunts. I was so disgusted by the pushy parents who were snatching up as many brightly-colored plastic eggs as they could and dropping them in their child's basket that I quit patronizing those events.

Maybe I should have seen the humor in grown adults running around picking up eggs,,,but I didn't.

It seems there are nearly constant reports of parents' bad behavior at sporting events. I've certainly seen this on the soccer sidelines. I've seen good members of the church, even members of bishoprics, curse and yell so much that they've been ejected from games. I've seen them belittle players and taunt them. It is sad really.

My only hope is that I model civil behavior for my own children.

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  1. Could not agree more! The truth is that we get all excited for our kids to get these eggs full of candy... only to take them away and put them up high and forget all about the darn candy!