Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Last night Kevin and I helped with a multi-region Battle of the Bands competition. Neither of us has ever been to one before even though it is a PTA-sponsored event and I've been involved in PTA for years. I have always had a conflict when Riverton High has hosted theirs (minor things like being in charge of the ward Christmas party the same night).

So, when the region PTA was begging for volunteers to help, Kevin and I decided to do it.

It was a lot of fun and not that much work. Kevin was a stage hand (helping the bands move their equipment on and off the stage). I was a judge runner (taking the judges' scores from the upstairs stage crew area to the vote counters downstairs).

I was amazed at the talent some of these bands have! There were 6 high schools competing and 3 of them were clearly better than the other 3 but I would have hated to chose the winning band. Luckily that was not MY job. And, even better news - the winning band was from Riverton High! woohoo! They will now go on to represent our region at a state competition.

I can barely manage to play or sing the notes that someone else has written so it absolutely astounds me that people can actually compose music!

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