Monday, October 24, 2011


First things first, we had to get the Suburban all decked out and ready to roll. Tonya's kids Josie and Curan as well as Phillip's wife Apple did the paint job.

The scenery was not very pretty. Desert landscaping. Maybe it was just hard to appreciate it in the blistering heat. I love to run in temps in the 60's not high 80's.

Our van load before the race - Karen Goins, McKayla, me, Tonya Cole, Jacobson Cole, and Phillip Adamson. Our race gear was supposed to include the plaid boxers and a plaid bandana but we soon got to hot for any extra clothing.

All of us at the finish line (not looking a lot worse for wear but maybe feeling it!)

The entire team at the finish - Alex Adamson, Josh Harker, Danny Adamson, Phillip Adamson, Jake Cole, me, McKayla, Tonya Cole and (front row) Kristine, Rose, Carina, and Karen Goins.
McKayla and I at the finish.

Our impressive number of "kills".

191 miles (lost runner so we did 3 extra)
31 hours
12 runners
2 1/2 hours sleep
85 degree temps
2 vans
over 140 "kills"
dozens of tired muscles


  1. I'm so proud of you and McKayla!! That is quite the accomplishment. Congrats!! Now get some sleep!! :) Yes, I am feeling better. Thanks for the message!! :) Love ya!!!

  2. Wow running on no sleep sounds crazy to me... 80 doesn't sound too hot to me:) way to go you crazy girlies! What's a kill?

  3. Sabs - 80's probably sound great to you but I am a certified heat wimp! A "kill" is when you pass another runner. I didn't account for too many of those (but McKayla did). It was a good thing we didn't keep track of "deaths" (when you get passed) - I would've been embarrassed! heehee!