Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HOPE Squad

After there was 3 suicides during one year at Riverton High, Hope Squad was formed. Hope Squad is a group of students who, under the direction of the school counselors, are trained to talk to those in crisis. (and then direct them to real help)

A little over a week ago, the 734 members of the sophomore class were each asked to write the names of 4 students who they would want to talk to in a time of need. The top 15-20 were named to the Hope Squad.

McKayla was one of them.

I think it is an honor and McKayla was happy to be chosen. My only concern is that all the training takes place in 4th and 8th periods (the last periods of either A or B day). Those are the same periods she consistently has missed for her sports. Not to mention those periods are Chemistry and Spanish 3 - not the easiest things to miss.

It might be a minor miracle if McKayla can manage to keep her grades up while still missing so much class time. I worry a bit for her but I am so glad she has gotten so involved in school activities. She is really loving high school and is certainly not getting lost in the huge number of students.

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  1. The HOPE Squad....what a neat thing! And how awesome that McKayla is the type of person that people feel comfortable and safe talking to.