Sunday, October 30, 2011

loss of stress

I have now had a headache for 48 hours. Nothing is working to get rid of it. I've tried a nap, pinching the area between my thumb and forefinger, massaging my neck and shoulders, drinking extra water, etc. I even resorted to taking Ibuprofen. Still, the headache persists.

I blame it on my lack of stress. For most of September and October I had WAY too much on my plate. Life was extremely hectic. I tend to hold all of my stress in my neck and shoulder muscles.

Over the last week or so, life has calmed down considerably. I have been able to take a deep breath and relax a bit. I am not running on overdrive. Thus, my body is also trying to relax so now I feel the high tension in my neck. Ouch!

Anybody have any great headache relievers?


  1. i think i have a halloween-candy-induced headache:) Only cure I know is to stop eating sugar:) hope yours goes away soon, whatever the cause!

  2. Excedrine Migrane. Take Two.