Friday, October 28, 2011


A few awards for the kiddos this week:

Wednesday night was the RHS soccer team banquet. It was quite fun and, being catered by Costa Vida, it was also yummy!

The long-standing tradition is that the Seniors determine the awards for all of the underclassmen and the coach then selects the Seniors' Awards. Usually the underclassmen awards are inside jokes requiring some explaining.

McKayla's award was "Just Keep Pace with Mickey - NOT!" (Her soccer team calls her Mickey) The story behind this is that the coach was requiring the girls to run a mile in under 6:30. Most of them were very stressed about this. On the day of the time trial when the girls were expressing their fears to the coach, he told them to "Just keep pack with Mickey and you'll be fine". The Seniors related that the team tried to keep up with her and couldn't even do it for one lap around the track. They said, "We were practically dying trying to keep up with her." They said she ended up lapping a lot of the girls on the team. Thus, the award.

The Senior girls also gave Alec an award for being their best fan! They gave him a mini soccer ball, a picture of him at their game, and a thank-you card. He was so pleased. Of course, he kind of strutted up to the front to receive the award. Then, on the way home, he kept randomly bursting into giggles. When I'd ask him why he'd say, "I just so happy!". That made me happy!

Thursday night was Pack meeting. Chandler was award his Webelo! Yeah! He also earned several activity pins. He is now one team sport short of having earned every single activity pin possible. That last pin should be his by December.

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