Sunday, October 2, 2011

all sports, ALL the time

Another active week.

McKayla had high school soccer games on Tuesday and Thursday. She played 40 minutes of Varsity on Tuesday and then 60 minutes of Varsity on Thursday. Her team won both of those games. McKayla is the one in the purple getting sandwiched.

Shanley had dance on Monday and Wednesday.

The kids and I (including Brakston and Whitney) all went to the Real Salt Lake (pro) soccer game on Wednesday night. They lost but we enjoyed ourselves.

McKayla had a cross-country invitational on Friday (so she skipped soccer practice). She won! That was pretty exciting. She beat the next fastest runner by 20 seconds.

Here they are with their medals lined up in the order of finish (McKayla is on the far left).

In addition, the RHS girls won the team title as well! Shown left to right with their overall placing is Breeann (3rd), Alli (6th), McKayla (1st), Erin (13th), Marci (33rd), and Courtney (8th).

Chandler had soccer games on Friday and Saturday nights. His team lost on Friday but he had an assist. His team also lost on Saturday but he scored a goal.

Brakston had a soccer game Friday night. His UVU (Utah Valley University) team lost to the University of Utah team by 2-3. He had some amazing saves (he is the keeper)!

Kevin and I just did LOTS of running.

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