Saturday, July 21, 2012

the Lawtons

We just finished our Lawton family reunion (my parents and their descendants). It was so much fun and now I am exhausted! We started the week with cousins' camp. I had all the teens (9 of them) while Dawnette and Tonya had the younger kids. I already blogged about the teen camp. We followed all of that up with the family reunion. On Wednesday we headed to Seven Peaks Waterpark in Provo. We had so much fun! We all rode with various people throughout the day. We even swapped off taking the younger ones for rides. Even cute little Garrett rode the Free Fall (scariest ride there). I went down every slide they have. We even had 8 of us race down the Avalanche Racer (Kevin won but only beat me by half a body length). I enjoyed taking Sophie and Avery for rides. Their squeals of enjoyment left me giggling. Afterwards we all picked up Subway sandwiches and headed back to my home to eat a late dinner. Almost all of the kids had a massive cousins' sleepover at Jolyn's home. Thursday morning the adults went to the Jordan River Temple and did a session. We followed that up with family pictures and a birthday celebration for Jeremy. Then it was down to Trafalga for go-kart rides, miniature golf, bumper boats, etc. Our final event there was a massive laser tag game. I was on the losing team - darn! We picked up pizza and ate on the grass before attending an Orem Owlz baseball game. We sat right behind the players and I noticed a couple of them kept checking out McKayla. Shanley got one of them to give a baseball to Isaac (and he even autographed it first). Friday morning we headed to the Seven Peaks Waterpark in Salt Lake. More fun! I loved the sled ride! I did the yellow roller coaster type ride a couple times - I can actually make it up and over the second hill. My mom even tried it! Way to go, grandma! The grandkids were all so impressed that she went on it even if she didn't make it over. Alec tried to go on it and didn't make it over the first time so he tried to go again. That time he actually got stuck near the top and couldn't get up over and couldn't slide back down. He finally managed to get down but wouldn't try it again. I ended up cutting my chin badly on that one as I bounced at the bottom and hit my mat hard! Thank goodness Darin had Super Glue so we could close the cut and stop the bleeding! My favorite thing was watching Avery, Maggie, and Aliza hold hands while going down the kids' slide - it was so cute! I think everyone had a great time. I know we were all exhausted! I don't envy Cory and Dawnette having to make the drive back to Texas starting today. I had a hard time even dragging myself out of bed!

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  1. hooray for all things Lawton:) its always a party when lawtons are around:) i'm so lucky to have married into a lawton clan:)