Saturday, July 7, 2012

fortune teller or just jinxing/cursing me

Alec has been at Camp K (Kostopulos) all week.  It is a camp for those with disabilities.  He always has a great time there but I really missed him this year - maybe more than ever before.  I commented to Kevin yesterday morning how excited I was to be picking him up.  Kevin laughed and said, "Yeah, until you're up at midnight trying to get him in off the streets."


After spending the day at Seven Peaks Waterpark (which wore me out and should have worn him out), we drove to Orem to watch a musical at an outdoor theater.  I was in bed sound asleep by 11:30pm.  At 1:30 am, Chandler came down to tell me that a young man from our neighborhood was at the door because Alec was out in the streets.  Sure enough, Alec was down a few blocks in the middle of the street.  I managed to get him home but had to stay awake to ensure he didn't leave again (he wanted to and tried).

Maybe I should send him back to camp or maybe I just tell Kevin to keep his predictions to himself.

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