Sunday, July 15, 2012

quick snapshot of the week

Most of this past week was spent getting ready to host a baby shower - cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc.  The shower was yesterday and went well.

In addition, McKayla and Shanley flew up to Idaho and spent a few days with Brakston and Whitney.  They played hard, went out to eat lots, and even did a bit of reading.

The kids and I went camping up Logan Canyon - Malibu Campground - pretty spot by the river with lots of trees.

Chandler played in a soccer tournament and lost in the semi-finals (shootout after still being tied at the end of overtime).

McKayla went on a date with Tanner and had a "midnight run" for cross-country.

Chandler ran in the All-County Track Meet and took 2nd in the mile and 4th in the 800m.

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  1. Tell Chandler congrats - that is awesome! Sorry about your fall on your hike.