Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We celebrated the 4th by running the Riverton Town Days 5K. It was fun! I ran with McKayla and Chandler. Shanley was supposed to run but the doctor has ordered her to snot run for at least 4 weeks so my niece, Erica, ran in her place. Also, Spencer and Kelsie (Dawnette's kids) ran so it was a family affair - a very successful family affair! McKayla not only won her age division (15-18) but won 1st place Overall Female! She received a plaque and a $30 gift card to a local running store. Only 4 men beat her. She beat out her friend Taylor Gomez who ran track as a senior at Riverton High when McKayla was a freshman. They didn't compete against each other because Taylor was a 400m specialist; however, UVU gave her a track/cross-country scholarship so now she does run distance for them.
Chandler was a huge surprise! In his first ever 5K he took 2nd in his age division (1-11) but more surprising was that he was 8th overall for the men's division!!! He had a time of 22:15.6 which I thought was quite fast seeing as how he is 11-years-old and it was his first 5K.
Erica (Jolyn's daughter who is 14) won the 12-14 age division while Kelsie (Dawnette's who is 12) took 3rd.
Here is Spencer and Erica (or at least her ponytail) at the finish line.
McKayla approaching the finish line.
Chandler sprinting in his finish.
Kelsie's finish.
And, of course, last (and slowest) was me. I ran slower than I wanted to but maybe I should have expected that since I haven't run since my marathon (almost a month ago) and I still have bursitis in my hip and IT Band issues on my knee. Still, I felt fairly good and wasn't too terribly upset because I at least finished in the top half of my age group (7th out of 15) and 83rd out of 142 overall. I guess I consider it a good race for me when I'm not dead last!


  1. Great Job! How fun for your family...

  2. AWESOME! What a fun memory for the kids ;-)