Thursday, July 26, 2012

hurt so good

I've started running again this week after taking off the past 6 weeks (I only ran the Riverton Town Days 5K during that time).  I've lost a lot of running fitness so I'm a bit stiff but it feels so good to be out on the road again!

I quit running after the marathon because I was really in pain from my IT Band on the right side and bursitis in my hip on the left side.  I saw a doctor who prescribed some exercises for the IT Band issue and 6 months of rest for the bursitis.  I tried but I just couldn't do it.  The rest was supposed to include NO stairs and NO inclines. 

Well, I've spent at least one day of every week at Seven Peaks Waterpark which requires climbing LOTS of stairs to get to the slides.  Also, my bedroom, laundry room, and food storage room are all downstairs so I use the stairs a lot every day.  Plus, I love to hike which means inclines. 

This led me to the logical and reasonable conclusion that the bursitis is not going to get better so I may as well be doing the running I enjoy (plus NEED for weight control, stress control, sanity, etc)

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