Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This is the Place State Park

Last Friday was a free day at This is the Place State Park. I took my children and met up with Mom. She brought Todd's kids - Emma, Garrett, and Avery. We had a really fun time! We toured farmhouses, watched Native American Dancing, rode a mini train, rode a bigger train, looked at quilts, ate ice cream and mini donuts, watched the blacksmith, and petted lots of animals. Alec really enjoyed the Native American dancers and wanted to watch them again. The Native American dancers invited the audience to join them in a dance and Avery did. She loved it! Avery kept asking if we could go pet the animals so finally we did. She couldn't get enough of them. She would pet the goat and then see the lamb and ask to go pet it. Then she'd see the turkey and run to pet it. Luckily, there were a lot of animals to pet - goats, lambs, turkeys, ducks, chicks, pigs, etc. Shanley and Emma hatched a plan to always have pet baby pigs (not happening!). Even Alec got brave enough to pet an animal.

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