Monday, June 18, 2012

one more embarrassing moment

I'd like to think that as I get older and wiser my embarrassing moments will cease.  However, since I've noticed my memory is going, I am afraid that my embarrassing moments will become more frequent.  Hopefully, the two will work together and I will embarrass myself but then forget all about it.

Yesterday after Sacrament Meeting the Sunday School president caught me and said a teacher had called unable to make it.  Would I be willing to teach the class?  You bet!  Sure!  I love to teach and I'd even read the lesson so I could even teach the correct material.  However, since I didn't know I'd be teaching I didn't wear my watch.  No problem.  I'll just listen for the warning bell, wrap up what I'm saying, and finish by the final bell.


There were NO bells!  None.  Zip.  Nada.

I just kept blithely teaching until the YW President knocks on the door and sticks her head in to ask if the girls can please come to YW now (apparently I'd only taught a mere 20 minutes past when I should've ended).  I walk out to find the Deacons' Quorum and their leaders waiting patiently in the hall for their classroom to be vacated.


Did I mention I love to teach?  Apparently you can't shut me up!

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