Tuesday, June 5, 2012

prescribing Ibuprofen and a nap

Anyone that knows me knows I am not a late-night person. I tend to wake up naturally well before dawn so by even early evening I am pretty much worthless! I need to go to bed early to even get enough sleep to function (about 6 1/2 hours). So, the hours I've kept lately aren't good for me. First, I chaperoned the high school graduation party and didn't get home until 3:45 am. Then I spent a couple nights waiting up for my teenage daughter (the ONLY bad part about having teens). Then I had a night where I actually got to bed at a decent hour but Alec woke me up at 2 am (because he doesn't seem to need sleep - EVER). Then, a stupid act on my part - I had a houseful of teens last night and I stayed up watching a movie until after midnight. My life of debauchery (jk) caught up with me this morning and even though I still woke early I just couldn't seem to drag myself out of bed and get moving leading to other problems. Like tired, dry eyes that couldn't hack the wind in my contacts when the bus windows were lowered even though we were at freeway speed. Like not having the energy to keep up with the 4 rambunctious boys I was assigned. Like coming home to discover I forgot to put out the garbage can and the recycle can (major trouble since both were already FULL). Like overflowing with frustration at finding out we've missed soccer practice this week cuz we didn't get the email. Like the massive headache I now have - probably from the lack of sleep and the noise on the hour-long bus ride home. The up-side to teens is that they don't need anyone to put them to bed. So, will anyone make fun of me if I'm in bed tonight by 8 pm? (probably a pipe dream but it does sound good)

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