Saturday, June 23, 2012

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It continued to be a great sports week for Chandler! Yesterday his soccer team won another soccer game. Then Chandler had a track meet. He's been running the 800m but decided to try the 1600m last night. I don't know how he placed since they ran all of the age divisions at once but his time was 6:41. Not bad for an 11-year-old running his first 1600 race. What impressed me the most was how consistent he was. His first 3 laps were all 1:42 and then he kicked the 4th lap. This morning his soccer team played in the tournament championship game and won! The score was 5-2 but it was a lot closer and more exciting game than the score indicates. It was so much fun to watch. Here's Chandler getting his 1st place medal. The team. Coaches: Travis, Jake Simons, Josh Clark. Boys (back L-R): Isaiah, Travis, Braque, Tim, Colby, Jayden, Seth, and Riley. Boys (front L-R): Dylan, CHANDLER, McCaffrey, Zayden, Ethan, and Jackson.

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