Saturday, June 16, 2012

hand of God

This year it has been one of my goals to recognize and record the hand of God in my life every day.  I have done that most days but I keep the list private.  It is for me and my own spiritual growth.   However, this week our family was so richly blessed that I feel the need to share it.

When Kevin returned the U-Haul trailer we'd used to tow our car back home, the dealership he returned it to went to unhook it and said, "Wow, good thing you didn't tow over any hills.  They didn't actually attach the hitch so it was just resting on top.  This should never have stayed on."

I don't know if the dealership where Kevin rented it got distracted and didn't finish hooking it up or what.  What I do know is that the very first thing we encountered on the tow was a very steep, very rutted dirt hill with a big curve at the top.  Our trip home also included the Three Sisters (long, steep hills outside of Evanston) and Parley's Canyon (more steep hills with lots of roads for runaway semis).

Definitely hills.

I had our family say a prayer before we began the tow job home.  I prayed for our safety and the safety of the car we were towing.  I believe in miracles and I believe in the power of prayer.  It is sure easy to recognize the hand of God in our safe trip home.

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  1. I am certainly glad you all got home safely. The beautiful quilted bag arrived to day - it is so cute and I appreciate it. Thanks to my new friend (and adopted cousin.) It was 104 in St. George today and will be hotter this next week. Summer hasn't officially begun yet and we are already looking forward to fall weather!