Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sacrificing for Kids

As parents, why do we sacrifice so much for our children?

Not that I am whining about that. I do it willingly. I just wonder why. I think it's more than just love. Do we feel it's owed them? Do we just want them to have things we never had? Is there an element of competition in it? Did any of these same things motivate Christ's sacrifice or was that done purely out of love? Would our sacrifices mean more if they were made solely for love?

Last night I sacrificed sleep. What parent doesn't?

Chandler had 2 tickets to the Utah Jazz basketball game. Not that I don't love basketball (or any major sporting event) but I was tired. I've had a horrid cough and am not sleeping at night. The idea of a 4-hour stint (drive + game) not to mention traffic, crowds, noise, etc was too much for me when all I wanted was pajamas.

Still, it's your kid and he's excited to go so what do you do? (After you try to talk McKayla into taking him but she has far too much homework)

I grabbed Alec as well since I knew he would LOVE it and the three of us headed downtown.

The game was very exciting and I ended up really enjoying it (after I finally turned around and asked the little boy behind me - very nicely - to please stop kicking my seat).

Of course the game had to go into double overtime ensuring that what I thought would be a 4-hour stint turned out to be closer to 5 hours.

The things we do in the name of love.

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