Saturday, January 28, 2012

the horrors!

In Utah, the only rivalry is Utah vs. BYU. It is huge. Offices have pools regarding their games. Schools have contests in their names. I ran a Rivalry Relay last year (BYU vs. Utah and we ran from the U to BYU) It seeps into wards and at times is even included in testimony meetings (not very spiritual). Even the Red Cross has contests to see which fans donate the most blood.

I am, of course, true BYU blue through and through.

I am also a sucker for free things, though, and the U sends us free tickets for its gymnastics meets every year. Add to that the fact that the U gymnastics has won many national championships and it does make for good viewing. So, over the years our family has attended its fair share of Utah gymnastics meets.

Last night Alec and I attended the meet between the U and BYU. Once more it was one of those sacrificing for your kids things. I tried really hard to talk Alec into going to RHS basketball but he was set on gymnastics. So....

Have I mentioned that over the years I have been highly unsuccessful at getting Alec NOT to stand during the U's fight song? (I have tried to raise him right - honest, I have.)

Last night I couldn't even get him to cheer at all for BYU. He saved all of his hyper-enthusiastic cheering for the Utes. He danced. He chanted. He clapped. He caught the attention of another Utes fan which is when the unthinkable happened. This man gave Alec a Utes beanie (bright red and all). The horrors! Can I really be expected to allow him to wear that out in public? What will the neighbors say? Oh, the shame of it all.

I might not be able to show my face in public for a while. Or, at least, I can blame it on the Utes hat rather than the horrid haircut I got a few days ago. heehee!

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