Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last night was Boys Pref. McKayla went and had a really good time. Here's her and her date, Reed Dudley along with Tanner and Val Ashley.

Funny, embarrassing story:
I was helping McKayla answer Reed. I have a really cool way of putting an answer inside of a peanut M&M. So, I sorted through 2 bags of holiday M&Ms and picked out all the red ones. Then I found a cute bag to put them in. I left it at that thinking McKayla should put the answer inside - after all, it was her date. Somehow we didn't communicate. She thought I'd already done it so she wrote the instructions on the bag and tied it up with a cute ribbon and delivered it.

Fifteen minutes later, Reed called saying he had smashed all the M&Ms (rather than eat them) and couldn't find an answer. McKayla assured him there was a slip of paper that said yes inside one of the M&Ms and he should just keep looking. Twenty minutes later he called back to say he still couldn't find an answer. McKayla came and asked me where I had hidden it. I told her I thought she was doing that part. We got a good laugh when we realized neither of us had done it. She had just delivered a bag of M&Ms. period. Kind of embarrassing!

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