Monday, January 30, 2012

running with a fox

No, I didn't run with Kevin this morning (brings back memories of the song "fox on the run, you scream and everybody comes a runnin', take a run and hide yourself away. Foxy on the run." but I digress).

No, I saw an actual fox. Even ran with the fox for a quarter of a mile. Well, I guess it's stretching it to say I ran WITH the fox. The truth is I followed the fox. The closest I ever got to catching up to it was about 50 yards behind.

I had completed about 5.5 miles when I spotted a fox ahead on the trail. He noticed me too. I kept running. The fox would move along the trail for a bit then turn and watch me. Then it would move and then it would stop, turn, and watch me. I am sure the fox was evaluating what kind of a threat I was. I could have eased its mind considerably if I just could have told it that after 5.5 miles, I'm not much of a threat to anyone.

Or maybe the fox was sizing me up as prey...

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