Sunday, January 8, 2012


The last two days have been so crazy/fun/busy that there has been no blogging activity from me. In fact, I haven't even touched my computer.

Friday after taking McKayla to school (we're without one car) I rushed to get ready and then Chandler and I went and watched Alec in Special Olympics bowling. After the bowling we rushed to the Children's Discovery Museum (stopping at a 7-11 on the way to buy them a hot dog for lunch - how healthy). We enjoyed the museum but then I rushed home to do some algebra tutoring. After tutoring, Kevin and I went running and got home in time to shower and go to bed.

Saturday I awoke early because Chandler had a 7 am soccer game in Murray. His team won 13-1. Chandler played defense most of the game but managed to score a couple of goals. After the game we rushed to his Lego League competition (we got there an hour late). After the competition, we shopped at Costco on our way home. We were home for 25 minutes and then went to Chandler's basketball game. This time his team was the one to get their butts kicked. I literally ran home from his game so I could get my 5 miles in for the day. Got home in time to tutor algebra again. Then had a quick shower and got ready to go to dinner with Kevin and some friends - Texas Roadhouse - YUM! Got home about 8 or 8:30 and was ready to fall into bed (if only).

Still, a fun couple of days.

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